Refund Policy

  • No Refunds: Fees, installments, and registration amounts, once paid, are non-refundable under any circumstances.
  • Replacement Not Permitted: Seat replacement with another student is not allowed.
  • No Fee Adjustment: Fees cannot be adjusted for different courses or batches.


  • Adherence to Discipline: Students must maintain strict discipline and sincerity within the institute premises.
  • Prohibited Behavior: Misbehavior, disrespect, fighting, damage to property, or any other improper activity is strictly prohibited.


  • Regular Attendance: Students must attend classes and tests regularly as per the assigned schedule.
  • Remedial Classes: IAS NEXT may, at its discretion, provide remedial classes or allow attendance in another batch for absentee students.
  • Video Lectures: The provision of video lectures for missed classes is subject to the institute’s discretion and may be chargeable.
  • Batch Venue and Timings: Changes in the batch venue and timings are at the discretion of IAS NEXT.

Maintaining Reputation:

  • Non-Defamation: Students must refrain from defaming or disreputing IAS NEXT, its courses, faculty, or management.
  • Protection of Brand Value: Students are expected to protect and promote the good name and brand value of IAS NEXT.
  • Legal Actions: Students and their associates will be liable for legal and financial consequences in case of any defamation or legal proceedings against the institute.
  • Adherence to Rules & Regulations: Students must comply with the Rules & Regulations of IAS NEXT.
  • Representation Accuracy: Students acknowledge that promotional materials are for representational purposes and may vary from the actual situation.
  • No Guaranteed Success: The institute and faculty do not promise guaranteed success in competitive examinations.
  • Final Decision: IAS NEXT’s decision on adherence to rules and conditions will be final.
  • Use of Personal Information: IAS NEXT has the student’s consent to use their name, photograph, quotation, etc. in its advertisements and promotions.
Please note that these refund Policy are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. For legally binding information, consult a legal professional or refer to the official documentation provided by IAS NEXT.

Contact us for any issues:

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