Compilation of Government Schemes for UPSC & state PCS

Available to buy till December 30, 2023

This compilation is a comprehensive guide that covers all the major government schemes that are important for  UPSC and state PCS examinations.

The compilation includes detailed information about the objectives, features, and benefits of each scheme, along with the targeted beneficiaries and implementation strategies.

It also provides analysis of the schemes in various sectors, such as education, healthcare, agriculture, rural development, infrastructure, and more.

candidates can enhance their knowledge and stay updated with the latest government initiatives, which would prove beneficial for both the preliminary and mains examinations.

The information is presented in a structured and easily readable format, making it convenient for candidates to refer to while preparing and revising for the exams.

This compilation is a must-have resource for every aspirant who aims to crack the UPSC and state PCS examinations with a strong understanding of government schemes and policies.


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